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Lower gas prices may mean more holiday travel, gifts

NEWARK – They say money can’t buy happiness, but local residents are going to give it a try this holiday season. Lower gas prices mean more funds available to visit far-away family during the holidays and spend a little more on Christmas presents, local residents said. The average price in Ohio for regular unleaded gasoline dropped below $3 on Oct. 24, the first time it had been that low since Dec. 21, 2010, according to AAA Ohio Auto Club. The peak average price in Ohio was $3.70 on April 28. The lowest was $2.84 on Nov. 10, but local stations dropped as low as $2.75 before a jump of about 20 cents. The local price was about $2.85 to $2.89 on Friday. “It’ll mean a little better Christmas this year,” said Dustin McClain, of Newark. “I have four boys. We’ll have a little more put back. I hope (it continues). It’s nice to see them down, for once, and staying down.” Several motorists who stopped for gas Friday at the BP station on Deo Drive said they will enjoy the savings when they travel out of state for Thanksgiving. “It’s fantastic,” said Ed Lopeman, of Newark. “I’m thrilled to death, especially at this time of year, when I’m getting ready to travel.” Lopeman, who plans a trip to North Carolina for Thanksgiving, said he expects prices to remain low for a while. Wendy Davidson, a Newark resident heading to northern Virginia for Christmas, said she will enjoy it as long as it lasts. “I think it’s great,” Davidson said. “If they will just stay that way. It goes up every time the holidays come around. I fill up my tank now, and it lasts twice as long.” Government projections are for the low prices to remain not only through the holidays but all of 2015 as well. The Energy Department predicted an average price below $2.94 a gallon in 2015, a 44-cent drop from the outlook a month ago. Kacy Malcolm, of Newark, said the lower prices are a real benefit for her job. “I think it’s great,” Malcolm said. “It’s wonderful. I do home health for a living. It means me being able to fill my gas tank a little more. I run from home to home. That (lower price) helps a lot in my business.” Brian Pritchard, of Newark, who expects prices to jump again because of the “greed” of oil companies, said the lower prices are important to him. “I’m on the road all the time, and I’m on fixed income,” Pritchard said. “A $10 extra in the gas tank means less food or doing without something I need. It’s extremely hard on people on fixed incomes or the elderly when gas is $3, $3.50 or $4.” Kimberly Schwind, spokeswoman for AAA Ohio Auto Club, said lower crude oil prices have caused prices to fall at the pump. Supplies are up and demand is down, she said. “A lot of it is increase in production in the United States and around the world,” Schwind said. “There are ample supplies of crude oil and lower demand worldwide.” It’s not unusual, Schwind said, to see prices fall toward the end of the year, although it’s been four years since they were this low. Schwind explained the reason for the roller-coaster nature of gas prices in Ohio. “We’re in the part of the country with the most volatile gas prices, tied to the Chicago stock market,” Schwind said. “It tends to overreact to market factors. “And there are relatively few companies that own the gas stations in Ohio, so they tend to have a lot of control over prices.”


Kid’s Love Watches

When it comes to making a choice or liking something, children have a mind of their own. Hence, watch manufacturers regularly come up with new innovative designs that are sure to captivate young hearts and minds. They zero in on the latest development that is popular amongst children and come out with watches on those particular themes. So today, you have a plethora of choices to choose from. If your child loves a particular cartoon character then you might select a watch that has a picture of that character on its strap or dial. At times, you might come across a watch that is actually shaped like a cartoon character. Moreover, today children love gizmos. More and more children are taking an interest in having fun using a mobile or an electronic gadget. Children usually have a practical bent of mind and are keen to discover new things. There are watches available that integrate the very best features with some fun elements to make them a great option when it comes to children’s watches. There are various brands available in the market that cater to the preferences of children. You not only have a choice of the more up-market brands but you also have the choice of going for affordable versions that are as pleasing to the eye and as practical and reliable. A Part of Movie Merchandise There are quite a large number of movies that are released every year that specifically target children. Film makers have also explored a novel way to promote their movies. They do this by the sale of movie merchandise that is based on the various characters that are a part of their movies. Kids love such merchandise and love to sport watches, whose designs resemble the characters in the latest movie. More often than not, in such cases, it's a case of my friends have got it, so I want one to. You must be well aware that many of the kid's choices are also based on peer pressure. This is why children’s watches that are a part of movie merchandise are so popular these days. Usage We all know that the most practical use of a watch is to help know the time. However, other than this they do have a few abstract uses that are innately beneficial to the person. From an early age, the watch is a reflection of the character and personality of the wearer. Children only choose a particular watch that caters to their interest at that particular point of time. More importantly, you will come to realize that as they grow older, the choices of children also speak of maturity. It is evident from the selection of their watches. Choosing Children’s Watches If you are not taking your child along with you for the process of selection then you must be well aware of the interests of your child and what the latest trends are in terms of watch designs. Children usually appreciate only those items that not only they would like but which would also be appreciated by their friends. If you think that your child won’t be able to take good care of the watch then there is no point in you getting an expensive piece. You can choose amongst a large number of affordable options available in the market. Moreover, your choice can be based on the parameters of durability and strength of the children’s watch. Moreover, you must also take care as to the requirements when it comes to the gender of your child. Girls would love an effeminate watch, but most boys wouldn’t wear such a watch. All in all buying a children’s watch is not that difficult a task. All you need to do is go around to a few shops, look at a few choices and then make your decision.


Picking a Perfect Sports Watch

For some reason, sports or fitness watches are usually large and have a rugged appearance. Even a woman's sports watch is typically more utilitarian in appearance than a more formal dress style timepiece. Probably the first and foremost consideration when selecting a sports watch is understanding what the purpose of the watch is. You may say that the purpose of choosing a sports watch is because you participate in sports, but that doesn't necessarily mandate a particular type of watch. In fact, those who participate in the sport of tennis may prefer a watch that appears more like a bracelet than a utilitarian timepiece. Size A sports watch will usually be somewhat larger than watches intended for more formal occasions, however, watches in general have grown larger over the past few years. Choosing a sport watch that is not large enough on the face of the watch to easily place and read all the features is a waste of money. At the same time, choosing a large bulky watch can interfere with playing some sports, and can even be dangerous to the player in others. Catching parts of the watch on other objects is hard on the watch and may cause injury to the wearer as well. Dial The dial should be large enough to easily read the numbers and view the placement of the hands. A luminous dial is helpful in some situations. Placement of the hands or the digital readout should be done with readability in mind. If there are other features on the face of the watch, they should be intuitively placed and easily seen. Hands versus display are a matter of personal preference. Water resistance Obviously divers, swimmers or those who work in moist weather conditions will want to review the water resistance level in the watch options they are considering. If you are a diver, keep in mind that most sports watches are water resistant to some degree, but you shouldn't assume that a 50 meter depth watch will be okay at 49 meters. Materials Almost all sports watches are made of either stainless steel or titanium. Hardened titanium is beautiful and durable as is stainless steel and much less expensive than watches made of precious metals such as gold or platinum. Gold is easily scratched so would be less desirable for a sports watch. Stainless steel is the preferred choice for most sports watches. Band composition The composition of the band typically is metal, leather or synthetic material of some type, such as plastic. You should look for a band that fits your wrist correctly, no matter what the style of the sports watch is or what the composition is. Any watch that is too lose will tend to catch on objects while the wearer is active. A watch band that is too snug will never be comfortable to wear and will tend to rub or chafe the skin of an active wearer. Crystals The watch crystal is generally not an option on a sports watch or any other. You will find the harder the substance the better quality the crystal. Synthetic sapphire is the typical choice, as they are next to diamonds in the hardness scale. Less expensive watches will typically use mineral glass or even plastic. Mineral glass is coated so as to make it more resistant to scratching. Weight The weight of a watch for an active sports enthusiast can become critical. If you are wearing a watch that weighs above 100 grams you will begin to feel the weight of the watch on your wrist. Unfortunately, not all watch manufacturers provide information on the weight of the watch in the specifications. Quartz vs Mechanical The decision about whether a quartz or mechanical watch is preferable to you is going to be linked to the price you are prepared to spend on the watch. Lower priced and lower quality watches typically will have a quartz movement while higher quality and higher priced watches will nearly always have mechanical movements. The exception may be where the case of the watch is made of a precious metal. Extras Some add ons include a stop watch, a calendar and clocks from other time zones or alarms for example, but these items are simply personal preference items. In summary, finding the perfect sports or fitness watch is a matter of determining how the watch will be used and how it will look and feel on your wrist. Checking the quality level of the watch will be critical unless you are planning to replace the watch periodically. Finally, price of the watch will be an important factor in choosing the ideal sports watch.


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